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Be sure to read carefully!

Please be sure to schedule ALL services you are requesting for your appointment, as NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE THE DAY OF. ALL SERVICES SELECTED WILL BE THE SERVICE RENDERED AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.
A $10 fee will be charged to clients who are 30 minutes late for their scheduled home visit appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS

In an effort to maintain a timely servicing schedule, each at home visit will include a 10 minute break once appointment has begun. If at any time there needs to be another “break” in between, if the break exceeds 5 minutes, there will be an additional $10 per break.

If for any reason I am late to an at home appointment, more than 20 minutes, a discount will be applied to your appointment as it is my greatest responsibility to arrive in a timely manner, and in an orderly fashion.
Please allow 15 minutes (prior to your appointment time) for proper salon set up. My objective will always be to provide my clients with exceptional customer service, and care. Upon entering, I’d like to be sure that all tools and equipment are set up in a safe, and secure area which will allow for maximum use.
Appointments scheduled after 5PM will be charged an extra $50. NO EXCEPTIONS

A travel fee of $50 is applied to the remaining balance if your hair service. (THIS FEE IS SUBJECT TO INCREASE DEPENDING ON LOCATION) notice travel fee increase will be given prior to appointment date.

Appointments can still be made online at (the web address will be changing into my new business name. You will receive an update through email soon!)
My schedule will be open for Friday’s and Saturday’s only.
Service invoices will be issued before appointment is secured.
Invoices must be answered prior to securing your appointment time.
Once the invoice has been answered, a confirmation will be sent via email with your requested Time, Date, and Service requests.

No last minute guest services allowed on the day of your scheduled appointment time.
Appointments CAN be made for 1 or more parties (you and a friend). One invoice will be issued with a group rate. Other packages will be available later in the month of February which will be known as “party packages” for a group of 3-5 customers. In case of special events, etc.

In an effort to help guide you toward your desired look, all services listed are provided with a description. Please read each description before making your selections.

All services are subject to an additional charge depending on Density, Thickness, and Length of hair, etc as this is also listed under each service description.
Thank you so much for your continued support!
I look forward to my newest business venture with you!

– Brittney Thomas Owner/Operator

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